Caliber of Bone Diameters large Calibres Argentinos

$ 38,500.00

Calibres Argentinos Caliber of large bone diameter is a tool of maximum precision that is used to assess, among others, the diameters Biacromial, Bicrestal, Transverse of the thorax, Sagittal of the abdomen, Bideltoideo, Bitrocanthereo and Antero-posterior depth of the thorax. It has retractable extensions at the end of the long branches for the AP measurement of the thorax and a double reading window that avoids calculation errors, one of them being exclusively for the aforementioned variable (indicated with an embossing drawn next to it) , and the other one for the measurement of the remaining variables that do not use the short folding branches (also indicated with an embossed next to the reading window). Constructed in aluminum and high resistance ABS plastic. It is delivered in a single box with handle for transport. Available in BLUE and GRAY STEEL colors