Our Quality

Quality control department

The concern for the quality of the products we manufacture forces us every day to look for new solutions that allow improvements in this aspect.

To the individual control of each tool, which is validated by different work methodologies, we have added the control of the raw material and the external certification of the measuring instruments.

In this sense, the INTI (National Institute of Industrial Technology), has awarded us the Calibration Certificate (OT N ° ROS-106-10180), for the instruments of current use of our Quality Control Department, where the capacity is verified of measurement (Uncertainty), which have our caliber diameters, segmometers and anthropometric tapes.

Meanwhile, the Sipel company, through its Mass and Balance Calibration Laboratory, which uses instruments certified by the INTI (Certificate 1467-S10-0714), has verified and certified the load cell (Sensitivity, Fidelity, Hysteresis, Errors of indication and Uncertainty), which measures the pressure of the Plicometers that we manufacture (Certificate M-5200-00-1214).

Calibration certificate

These changes in our Quality Control system allow us, from the month of April 2015, to grant our clients, for each of our tools and / or equipment (basic or complete kits), the corresponding Calibration Certificate.

This technical document, backed by the certifications obtained by our company, provides the buyer with valuable information that supports the use of Calsize and Calibres Argentinos tools in technical research projects supervised by Technical Committees of different academic and governmental institutions.

The mentioned documents can be downloaded from the following links: